Most of us know that we can't prepare our kids for 100 percent of the things they will face and learn in school, but there are some things we can do to make the transition a little easier.

Here are some ideas of things kids should experience before they start school for the first time, making those next 13 years just a bit easier.


This could mean anything from traveling to a different country to traveling to the backyard, but having your kids go on "adventures" can help them to be ready for the adventure of starting school.

Going on an adventure means preparation, anticipation and courage. These are all things that can help your children when they are getting ready to start school.


This is something important for children to face before starting school because we all know that school isn't always a stroll in the park.

Having your kids face some form of adversity or even just teaching them the concept can help them a lot for the times they face adversity in school.


A character in "Wonder" explained it's important to be "Kinder than is necessary. Because it's not enough to be kind. One should be kinder than needed."

Nothing can be more important to teach your child than the simple act of being kind. At the same time, we know there are times when being kind isn't simple or easy, especially in an environment our children may not be familiar with, such as school.

Teaching them how to be kind to others and how to be an example of kindness before they start school will be an invaluable gift they can take with them on that first day.


This is an obvious lesson and one they hopefully learn before they start school, but if not, it is a very important one to learn.

Teaching your kids how to make friends as well as how to be a good friend is a great lesson to learn not only for school but for life as well.

In "Wonder," R.J. Palacio wrote,"It's not enough to be friendly. You have to be a friend."


You are probably thinking to yourself, "Why would I need to teach my kids to have fun before they start school?"

This is probably because your kids already know how to have fun, but there is an aspect of fun that is a good idea to share with your kids before they start school and that is how to have fun learning or doing things they wouldn't necessarily deem fun.

Teach them to have fun during quiet time, when they are doing an assignment or when it's time to sit and listen.


If you think about it, we are learning things from the time we are born. Each lesson is an important milestone to help us in our life progress.

Teaching kids that knowledge is something valuable that we can take with us throughout our entire lives is a great lesson to teach before kids start school. It can help them understand why they are there in the first place and not to take the things they learn for granted.


Palacio also said, "Courage. Kindness. Friendship. Character. These are the qualities that define us as human beings, and propel us, on occasion, to greatness."

Sometimes it takes courage to go to school, whether that be because of a teacher we don't like, a bad grade or even bullying.

Teaching your kids to have courage to push through the hard things they may face in school will help them to know they can get through whatever school, or life, throws at them.


Help your kids get excited for the musical instruments they will potentially learn; instruments and music that will help them with so many good skills. Some of those include increased motor, spatial and reasoning.


Being active helps kids to be happy and healthy, especially when they will be sitting most of the day.

Help your kids to love running around and other fun active activities.


Helping your kids to not depend on you for everything will be a great skill to learn before starting school, especially because a teacher won't be able to help them with everything.

Teach them to figure things out by themselves first, and then ask for help.


Have you heard that "nobody likes small talk?" Well, the problem is that small talk is actually pretty important.

Talk to your kids about a variety of topics throughout the day and at dinner with the rest of the family, and this will help them to learn how to have fun and lovely conversations.


Most schools have some type of schedule, so you can help your kids become accustomed to that by teaching them about time.

Show them how to use a clock, the hours of the day, and what past and future are.


The two definitions of wonder are "desire or curiosity to know something," and "admiration and amazement."

Teaching your kids to wonder will open their world to so many opportunities and possibilities, a great way to start off an education.

Auggie, a young boy born with facial differences, is determined to fit in at a new school as just another ordinary kid and with hopes that everyone can understand beauty isn't skin deep. "Wonder" is the new film from Director Stephen Chbosky and stars Jacob Tremblay, Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson. See it in theaters November 17.

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