There are just things that happen (and things we say and do) that would never be possible if children weren't involved.

These tweets from parents are hilariously relatable.

1. Raise your hand if you're overly familiar with this exercise

2. When it's easier to put pants on a dog than argue with your child

3. How it feels during those rare moments of cleanliness

4. Oh. That's what you wanted that for

5. Also true

6. Who else just shuddered?

7. Because you're too exhausted to care after the first kid

8. Relaxing is never safe, parents

9. The questions on repeat..

10. The balance between letting your kids learn to work and wanting to have everything done a certain way

11. Kids and their doses of reality

12. When what your kid says is concerning

13. Who doesn't lick their couch?

14. You'd think the answer was obvious, but..

15. This is something we all must try!

What crazy things have you or your kids said or done lately? Raising a family can be rough, but there's usually something to laugh about.

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