Life shouldn't be taken too seriously, especially if you have kids. Most often, particularly in the midst of chaos, it's better to laugh than act out in frustration.

These tweets from parents are perfectly hilarious.

1. And this is why packing with children takes five times as long

2. When you find that chocolate you expertly hid

3. Jots down on lists of skills for child's future job applications

4. Makes you consider getting rid of the floor to save money

5. Like a dog whistle, but for kids

6. At least kids have realistic priorities

7. Your house is an apparent obstacle course

8. Because one is apparently better than the other head desk

9. Shopping with kids is like bringing a tornado to the store with you

10. Kids: Keepin' it real since forever

11. It's just hard to say no when they actually want to help clean

12. The fine line between what's for dinner and what they want to eat

13. You know you're a parent when the figurative phrases everyone uses are literal

14. Life goals: get tall, reach stuff on the top shelf

15. "Where do you want to argue this summer, kids?"

Laughing through life is a much better way to go. Even though some things may not be funny at first, they surely are hilarious later.

What crazy and funny things go on in your home?

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