No matter how strong, tall, smart, creative, talented or attractive you are there is bound to be something you can learn that will improve yourself.

A good suggestion would be to start by asking yourself: "Have I mastered these 15 life hacks everyone should know?"

1. How to break down a door.

2. How to utilize the many uses of duct tape.

3. How to whistle with your fingers.

4. How to shave with a straight razor.

5. How to change a tire.

6. Do your eyes water while you are cutting an onion? Chew gum to prevent it!

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7. How to tie a necktie.

How to tie a tie
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8. Knowing the names of the different tools in a toolbox.

9. How to build a campfire.

10. How to tip when you are on vacation.

11. How to give a proper handshake.

12. Ran out of deodorant? Melt it!

13. A straightener has more than one use.

14. Can't find a match? Always keep a crayon with you in the woods.


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15. Know the difference between each knife and how to properly use them.

Haven't yet mastered these essential skills? That's okay- no one's perfect.

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