Being a mom isn't always easy. Sure, we love our kids, but sometimes lack of sleep and running out of patience means resorting to other means to get through the day. From sneaking treats so you don't have to share to using some serious life shortcuts, if you're a mom you'll relate to these tweets:

1. When you really don't want to spend the last of your bank account on treats for the kids

2. Sometimes there's no energy left to cook, especially when you know they won't eat it anyway

3. Anything to avoid the "who ate candy without me?" interrogation

4. More than two sentences on a page? Not tonight

5. You have to get through the kid's shows somehow!

6. There's just not enough time in the day

7. I usually hide in the pantry, but this will work when we're on the go

8. Or that you're not the only one

9. At least the kid was dressed, right?

10. With the shower on? Or off?

11. This might be the best argument in favor of getting a dog ever

12. Because some toys are really annoying

13. It's the fear that never really goes away

14. There's really no need to do it otherwise

15. When excitement turns to dread ...

If you've spent all day cooking, cleaning, and caring for children - not to mention working a job on top of that - you should give yourself a break. You deserve it.

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