Dads do a lot. They often help with homework, take care of the yard, coach teams and offer words of encouragement. This Father's Day, make sure you do something special for the rad dad in your life. Here are 15 ideas to choose from. Pick one and then tailor it to your Dad and his unique qualities.

  1. Do a chore for him, like mowing the lawn or taking out the trash.

  2. Take him out for his favorite treat, whether it is sushi or ice cream.

  3. Give him a foot rub or back rub. If he likes his back scratched, do that, too.

  4. Let him watch a sporting event without interruptions. Offer occasional snack and beverage service.

  5. Get outside and get active with Dad. Hit a bucket of golf balls, take a hike or go on a bike ride.

  6. Make him his favorite meal. Let him relax while you prepare it, and don't leave him the dishes.

  7. Write a song or rap about all of Dad's great qualities. Perform it for him.

  8. If your Dad lives far away, don't just send him a text. Take time to make an actual phone call or, even better, video chat with him. Be sure to express your love and appreciation.

  9. Make him a gift basket of some of his favorite snacks. Include a fun beverage or two and a note.

  10. Invite Dad to a movie night. Pick a flick he will like and prepare snacks and drinks.

  11. Surprise Dad with a photo album or slideshow of favorite family memories. Have family members share funny and touching stories about Dad as you look at the photos together.

  12. Give Dad the morning off. Make him a spectacular breakfast, bring him the paper and let him relax.

  13. Ask Dad out on a date. Plan to take him to a restaurant he might enjoy, or pack a picnic and head to a park. Take time to ask Dad about his life - from growing up to present day.

  14. Give Dad a hug and maybe even a kiss, especially if you don't hug him often. Some dads aren't very affectionate, but most will be surprised and touched by your initiation of a loving gesture.

  15. Decorate the house with signs that say things like "Dad is rad" and "I love Dad." Add balloons, streamers, photos and anything else that will make Dad feel noticed and love.

Dad might be the most underappreciated member of the family. Make sure he gets his fair share of love and attention by doing a few special things for him. Father's Day is a good time to begin, but continue the fun year-round and your dad will feel rad.

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