I've always wondered what it's like to have kids. I've been doing some research and I think these 16 short Vines have taught me everything I need to know. Take a look and have a laugh.

1. Apparently they can be a little demanding

2. But they definitely come in handy in an emergency

3. Sometimes they put up a fight

4. And get pretty sassy

5. But we adults take the high ground

6. Until they call your bluff

7. And they start to rebel

8. Sometimes you've got to show them who's boss

9. They can get a little overwhelming

10. And drive mom a little crazy

11. But it's not all bad. Sometimes they're super cute

12. They're particularly good at melting your heart

13. Which makes you get really attached

14. So you're not afraid to tackle some tough topics with them

15. They seem to grow up way too fast

16. But one thing never changes with time - they're always going to want to eat your food

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