Your kids may believe you walked uphill both ways through the snow, but here's proof your childhood was much better than you make it sound. How many of these did you have? There may be a few that have lasted long enough—or are making a comback—to make your kids' lives pretty great, as well.

1. Pokémon cards


Did you catch 'em all?

2. Parachute day in P.E

_via If You Were Born in the 90's Tumblr

Best. Day. Ever.

3. Paint


What was better than drawing squiggly lines and filling in with color?

4. Video day at school


It was always a great day when the teacher walked in with one of these.

5. Speak & Spell

_via Etsy

And then ET used it to phone home. #mindblown

6. The Original Glo Worm

_via Best of the 80's

7. T.G.I.F.

_via YouTube

Friday nights have never been the same since

8. Oregon Trail


Nothing was worse than naming one of your children after your secret crush and then having them die of dysentery.

9. Scented markers

_via Amazon

...Or coloring the tip of your nose with a scented marker.

10. Game Boy

_via StaticFlickr

Even though it was the size of a brick, you never thought life could get better.

11. Lite Brite

via Shutterstock

Oh the possibilities!

12. The pencil machine


Every time you put your money into the pencil machine you hoped you would get the cool one.

13. Goosebumps

_via Pinterest

Even the logo on the cover had bumps!

14. The Carlton Dance


15. Pizza day at school

via Shutterstock


16. Math blocks


Math time was never more fun

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