Why should you write a journal?

  • To improve self-esteem. Journaling helps you notice the value of your life.

  • To remember your life. So much is lost otherwise.

  • For future generations. They want to know you. They can learn from your experiences.

  • To discover. Sometimes you don't know your own thoughts and feelings until you get them out on paper.

  • To let go. Oftentimes thoughts plague you until you let them go in a journal.

Here are 17 ways you can do just that without insane amounts of writing (but with insane amounts of fun).

1. A screenshot

2. A bookshelf

3. An ice cream list

4. A ticket and song lyrics

5. A doodle

6. A note a day

7. A food list

8. A receipt, photo and business card

9. A map

Work in progress. My new Office ? can't wait to get it done!

A photo posted by D (@mylasteureka) on

10. A gratitude list

11. A recipe, weather report, and fun fact

12. A character sketch

13. A list of collections

14. A vacation log

15. A plant log

16. A neighborhood

17. A paper-clipped note and photo

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