Once your old clothes have been sitting in your closet taking up space for far too long, the Pinterest quest to repurpose them has then begun. You thought about tossing them out or giving them to your sister, but you can't bring yourself to do it.

Forget bagging them up for good- instead, make fun alterations to them, so they become your new favorites again. You can make alterations and keep them as clothes or create artwork, quilts and even fun accessories.

Don't believe me? Think your clothes are just not good enough for that? Open up your creative mind and keep scrolling.

1. Open up an old scarf and turn it into a wrapped skirt

2. Safety pins are your friend

3. Need some fun pillows? Use your old T-shirts

4. Pin the back of the dress for a gathered look

Really loves the look of the gathered back if this llr dress! #lularoe #clothinghack

A photo posted by Molly Brown (@lularoemollybrown) on

5. You can never go wrong with a quilt

6. Turn your old sweater into a hat. Doggy clothes anyone?

7. Turn an old sweater into a matching beanie and leg warmers

8. In need of a summer dress?

Reform your boring T-Shirt,into a glamorous Skater Dress #BollyWoo #DIY #Fashionlover #Celebrity #ClothingHack

A photo posted by BollyWoo (@bollywoo.ooo) on

9. Acrylic paint can give your shorts a whole new look

#DIY Polka-dot cut-offs by @amerrymishap. Use a skewer or pencil eraser dabbed in acrylic paint.

A photo posted by Who Knew? Tips (@whoknewtips) on

10. Ever thought your T-shirt could be used as a bag?

11. Turn an old dress, shirt or pillowcase into a romper for your daughter

12. Hot/cold bags anyone?

#booboobags #hotcoldbags #fox #1904apothecarylane

A photo posted by Kristie Dubin (@iflywithcrows) on

13. Bleach your old jeans for a more retro vibe

14. Make a homemade denim purse from your old jeans

15. Ever thought of making your old shirt a fashionable skirt?

Why not wear your shirt as a skirt !?!

A photo posted by Nikki Carloni (@nikkicarloni_stylist) on

16. Got holes? Patch them up with lace and they'll quickly become a favorite again.

17. Bring back that hipster in you and tie dye your boring clothes.

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