If getting your kids to take a bath sounds like a hostage negotiation session, listen up. Once your kids catch on that you've got a few surprising bath time tricks up your sleeves, they will be begging you for a bath every night. Get used to trying to get them out (instead of in) the bath:

Ice, ice, baby

Snag an ice tray and a couple plastic toys and create a fun toy for bath time later. Color some water with food coloring and place a little dinosaur or tiny plastic giraffe inside the ice cube tray, covering with the colored water. When it's time to wrangle the kids into the tub, pop out a couple ice cubes to plop into the warm water. Your kids will love helping the ice melt and discovering what's hiding inside.

Make it rain

This blogger went all out with this bath; foam shapes cut out like clouds and the sun made a "sky" theme bath that is oh-so-cute. Add in a strainer to help your child make some rain for those clouds and watch the fun go on and on.

Fun in the foam

Adding bubbles is a go to option when it comes to making a bath fun"but if you really are looking to impress, equip your kid with several spray bottles filled with all differently colored water. When sprayed on the bubbles, the colored liquid sticks to the bubbles, creating a beautifully bright foam to play with.

Glowing reviews

Dim the lights and toss in a couple glow sticks and see your kids (and the bathwater) light up. The dim lighting allows the glow sticks to create a really beautiful effect once in the water. As always, keep an eye on your little one while in the tub (and make sure glow sticks don't go in mouths or get cracked or broken).

Bathtub baking

Find an extra pair of measuring cups and spoons next time you're at the store, strictly for bath time use. Toss in a couple of bowls, a pot and some spatulas and watch your kid create. Add in a muffin time for a batch of bath time muffins, or belly up for a large bowl of bath time soup. Bubbles make a great whip cream substitute, as does shaving cream...Yum!

See it grow

You can usually find little growing capsules at a market or dollar store that would be perfect for a fun bath. These tiny capsules "grow" when placed in the water to reveal a sponge cut out of an animal, or another shape. Toss in a few next bath time, and watch your kid's eyes widen with surprise.

B is for bath time

Of course, Martha Stewart would have a darling way to add in some learning to bath time. Cut out letters (or shapes) out of sponges to add some learning to all that splashing around.

A shave and a haircut

Skip out on the haircut, but add in some shaving cream for extra fun. Squirt the shaving cream into a plastic bowl, add in a little food coloring and stir together. Pair with a paintbrush and sit down to a live action art show as your child paints the walls of the tub.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

This momma figured out that baking soda and water when frozen makes a cold, crunchy, white and moldable substance that's shockingly similar to snow"¦.and is a genius addition to any bath!

I Spy

Hide a few toys around the bathroom and give you child a waterproof flashlight. Turn off the lights and have your kid "spy" with the flashlight for the hidden items. Sherlock and splashing obviously go well together.

Use your noodle

Cut up a pool noodle into little rounds to create a sea of floating sponges on the surface of the bath. See what toys can stay afloat on a round and which ones fall off when the "seas" get a little rough with some splashing. Or, see how tall you can stack a tower of them on the side of the tub, or while they are still floating onto the water.

Story time splashes

If you can't seem to get your child in the tub for longer than a hair wash, have someone else read a story (or even set up a short movie) while your kids are in the tub so you can get in a decent scrubbing. The kids will be occupied with the story and won't mind all the extra washing.

Go sailing

Cut cute little boats out of sponges for a fleet of fun in the next bath. Add in some pirate music and an eye patch for bonus points.

Balloon baths

Fill a few balloons with a small amount of colored water before adding them to the bath for your child to play with. If that doesn't captivate their attention, swoop in and prick a balloon or two and watch the colored water stream into the rest of the bath.

Sudsy soap clouds

Did you know a bar of Ivory soap will puff up like a cloud when placed in the microwave? Adding in a big sudsy soap cloud to a bath is something your kids will adore.

Bath bombs

If you aren't too keen on sharing your LUSH bath bombs, DIY some for your kids. Snag a few ingredients and some patience, and you can make bath bombs that are kid approved by hiding a plastic toy in the middle.

Salty soaking

Add in some bath salts for a delightful smelling bath. You could add in some plastic fish toys, sunglasses, arm floaties and some sandcastle toys for a beach bath theme, complete with salty water!

Your kids will love getting ready for a bath that's more than just water and a rubber ducky"¦and you might want to steal a couple of these ideas for yourself (when the kids aren't looking, of course).

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