There is nothing like the moment a man becomes a dad. His heart grows bigger to make space for the new very important little one who has entered his life. Here are 17 pictures of dads being dads that will just melt your heart.

1. Monkey business

2. She thinks he's funny

3. Jacket cuddles

4. Tandem napping

Easy like a Sunday morning ??? #DaddyNap #SundayFootball

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5. Two are better than one

Life wouldn't be fun if we had it "all together", right?

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6. Braiding her hair

7. And matching hair

8. First look

9. When you know she's crazy about him

I love the way they look at each other #daddysgirl #thelookoflove #?

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10. Nap time is better together

Currently. ? #withgretaitsbetta

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11. Reading together

12. She wants to be just like him

A few more of those many many faces. #daddysgirl

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13. Baby kisses

14. Doin' tricks

15. Kisses on cheeks

16. Dad's shoulders is the best place to be

Cass #beating me up. #baby #babygirl #newdad #paternityleave #londonlife #home #family

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17. Like father, like son

ohh,,, what?? #likefatherlikeson

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