Take some notes, because you'll want to try out some of these tricks. These parents are totally winning at parenthood:

1. The dad who let his kid make him "socks"

"It kept her occupied so I could read on the couch," he said. Sometimes parents will do absolutely anything to get some downtime.

2. Desperate times call for desperate measures

Desperate times...... #getalongshirt

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Your kids are sure to eventually settle their fight when they're stuck hip to hip. Looks like the younger sister is already over the problem.

3. Traveling with kids done right

Strap a seat to your suitcase to avoid trying to navigate through the crowded airport with your luggage and a bulky stroller.

4. Who needs a coloring book when you have a cardboard box?

Keep your child from coloring on the walls by giving them their own "walls" to color.

5. Another ingenious use of a cardboard box

No mess, no problem.

6. Turn your shower into a bathtub

Now you can get use out of the kiddie pool year round.

7. Playtime and downtime all in one

I can see my girlfriend trying this on me...- Gregg #lifehack #parentingwin #backrub #kids

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This dad is a playtime expert.

8. This family nailed their halloween costumes

So cute!

9. This mom knows how to get her kids off the screen

A washer with a view provides entertainment that'll last for hours (depending on how many loads of laundry you need to do).

10. Winning at breakfast

"Eeeeeeeeee! Mama, this is the best breakfast EVER!!" ?? #bunnypancakes ? #somuchtry #winningatparenting

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This mom knows how to get her kids to finish their meal.

11. Being sneaky with healthy treats

Here's a popsicle you can give your kids without being worried about a sugar rush (or cavities)!

12. Daddy to the rescue

As hard as it is to believe, sometimes kids get worn out.

13. Shopping with the whole crew

Watch out, shoppers! The circus has arrived!!! #shoppingwithfivekids #TryingNotToLoseOurMinds

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These parents are brave. Keep your little ones close by using one key rule: keep one hand on the cart at all times.

14. For when your kids ask for pizza for breakfast

Introducing the "pomelette" as this mom calls it.

15. Kid-sized bathtub

One of the best #parentinghacks ever!! #gamechanger

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This bathtime hack will keep your baby safe and keep all their favorite bath toys within reach.

16. Throw cards instead of yelling

"Don't knock it till you've tried it." That's what this dad says about his tactic for calming everyone down. He throws a small stack of cards in his kid's general direction when tensions are high. It keeps him from yelling, he said, and the kids get a kick out of it.

17. Because sometimes a stool doesn't do the trick

Great idea this to make a sink extender from an empty liquid soap bottle #parentinghacks #realparenting ?

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Now you don't have to put on a juggling act of balancing your child on one knee while you reach for soap with your one free hand. Let your child step up on the stool while you turn on the water, and now they can scrub and rinse their hands all by themselves - no juggling necessary.

Kids are a handful, but despite the tantrums, messy faces and early mornings, their adorable smiling faces remind us that they're worth it all.

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