When you're in a rush and you reach for the box of cereal, only to pour out a bunch of crumbs, you wish you hadn't gotten up in the first place. No matter how good your morning is going, no one had time to pick out each individual Cheerio from a sea of crumbs. But don't crawl under your sheets and cry just yet; there's an easy solution to this cereal predicament, as well as other hacks to make your morning a breeze.

1.First, pour your cereal in a colander to prevent a "crumby" morning (Get it? "Crumby"?)

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2. Get a magnetic strip for your bobby pins so you don't have to search your carpet floor ever again.

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3. Add a dot of hot glue to your hangers to help you clothes hang dry and stay on the hanger better. No more morning waking up to rumpled clothes that have fallen on the floor.

4. Keep all of your jewelry hung up or organized in a shoebox so you aren't looking through a messy stack of tangled necklaces and mismatched earrings.

5. Commands hooks are in instant solution for curling iron cords that like to tangle. Hang a wire basket on the inside of a drawer for easy access.

6.Mason jars are cute and are the perfect shape to store things of multiple sizes. Having a cute display means never needing to sift through random boxes and bags below your sink for a Q-Tip.

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7. Hang outfit pieces together to save you precious time in the morning.

8. Throw away the tights with runs in them and socks with holes the minute it happens. You will not wear it again, so why put them in a drawer, ready for you to grab on busy mornings?

This hole situation is getting dire. #holeysocks

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9. Avoid buying clothes that get creased easily for breeze free wardrobe planning.

10. Iron your shirts BEFORE you hang them up so you can avoid doing it in the morning.

11. Moisturize in the shower so that you don't waste time afterwards.

12. Check the weather the night before. No need to try on a zillion summer outfits if it's just going to rain.

13. Prepare your breakfast the night before and have it in the fridge for easy access.

14. Leave your blinds open to naturally wake up your body and give you the dose of energy you were looking for.

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15. Turn up the music to wake you up and improve your mood (and get you out of bed).

16. Forgot to iron last night? Spray some water on it or put it in the bathroom while you take a shower and watch the wrinkles evaporate.

17. Drink a glass of water the second you wake up to wake you up and get you hydrated.

18. Put your keys on top of anything you don't want to forget.

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