Food is life - like, literally, because without it we'd all be dead. And whether we realize it or not, this glorious four letter word is central to many of the emotions that make up our human experience.

For example, different foods can make us feel happy, sad, satisfied, sleepy, energized, angry and excited. It can even make us cry (darn you onions).

Nothing else in this world can cause us to feel such an array of vastly different emotions, other than maybe love. But who really cares about love (unless it's a love for food we're talking about)?

Here are 18 hilarious emotions anyone who likes food can relate to:

1. When you're cooking your favorite meal and accidentally burn it

2. And then just end up eating ice cream out of anger

3. When you find out a new Chick-fil-A just opened up near your house

4. Watching someone throw away their plate without eating the last bite

5. When someone tells you that you need to stop eating raw cookie dough

6. When they finally bring out the cake at the wedding

7. You minding your manners and only taking "one piece of cake"

8. When you're on the verge of a food coma

9. When the ice cream truck leaves before you can get there

10. When you're on your diet, and it's finally cheat day

11. When you and your best friend hear there's a two-for-one at Red Lobster

12. What you do at the buffet so you can keep eating

13. When someone tries to make you eat something you hate

14. When your Skittles get stuck in the vending machine

15. January 1st: New Year Resolutions

16. January 2nd...

17. When your best friend tells you they're a vegetarian

18. The daydream you've been having throughout this entire article becaue you're so hungry

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