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Our little ones deserve the best, and we can't help but sometimes give them everything they want even though they don't necessarily need it. In today's society there are so many tips and tricks that people suggest that help children develop their cognitive and mental skills. But, there is nothing on the market that can hinder a child developing in their own way, and like I said before, we as parents only want to help.

Here are products that can help your child develop cognitively by age group:

6 months

Brilliant basics

This product was actually discontinued in stores but is luckily still available on The blocks have been created to help your little ones organize patterns, and this will eventually lead to them putting their toys away or shoes back where they belong.

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Musical rhyming book

Not only will this help develop vocabulary, but it also allows your infant to develop a part of their brain that identifies with music. Meaning it will help them create specific genres that they might enjoy as they mature.

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Little Tikes first slide

Now your child is entering the activity stages. If they are running around a lot, this toy can be useful for them to work off some energy before naptime. This will also help with how your child deals with pain. For example, if they trip going up the stairs and sustain a bearable scratch they can deal with that without a parent's attention. That's not to say that you shouldn't watch them carefully to avoid any major accidents.

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Toy winkel rattle

This toy helps with developing sensory skills for your child and will also help ease the pain that comes with teething. This toy will help them explore their surroundings and themselves.

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Wooden jigsaw puzzle

This will help your child with their brain power. It is important to start developing mathematics, grammar and creative skills at a young age, so these skills can easily progress with age.

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Little trampoline

Your child is in those "terrible two's" and is going to be running around for a while, so you might as well help them with developing their coordination and also to experience the different actions their body can do.

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Let's play house

You also want your child to develop a fun imagination. By having toys that help them play pretend, this will help them with this skill. Plus, they may even learn how to sweep up their own breakfast crumbs: score!

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Food groups

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, especially when your child wants to pretend they are grocery shopping like mommy and daddy! This will also help create organization skills.

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Superhero costume cape and mask

You probably hit the next stepping stone in the development of your child, which is more playing pretend and dressing up. My favorite pastime growing up was playing dress up with my friends. This will give your child a chance to develop their imagination while also developing character.

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Some classic toys just never change. Being hands on is another trait that will only help your child with creativity and to also see if your child has an artistic side.

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Barbie Doll

I could never imagine my girly childhood without at least one Barbie toy in it. Your little girl needs a chance to play with a doll that can help create her own imagination.

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LEGO Classic

You should also give your child a chance to express creativity through something. Legos are a classic way to go, especially when you can build, break and rebuild all over again. Just be careful not to step on any when you walk in the room: ouch.

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Glitter nail art

Your little girl is kind of turning into a big girl now. She has been developing organization, imagination, creativity and now it gives her the chance to begin applying all those skills to an activity that will help form her personality.

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Wooden car derby

Entering your son in some wooden car racing is exhilarating to say the least but I always thought the best part about the racing was actually creating the winning wheels. This will help your son learn to create something and also distribute the weight evenly, which will help them intellectually.

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Lava volcano

This could come in handy one day when you do need to make a volcano for that science class, but in the meantime, buying the little man of the house a volcano kit is great for bonding and learning.

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Perfume Lab

I would have loved this growing up and the great thing is Amazon also offers a soap and lip balm kit too. Whatever would appeal more to your daughter would work is a great chance to see what it's like to create and smell good too.

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Polaroid camera

Well, you have made it to that stage! The part where technology and virtual games are what seem to capture our children's eyes more than a park used to. It's sad but true; I like the idea of holding off on being consumed by technology for one more year, but buying the princess a polaroid camera will be fun for her and entertaining for you.

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Walkie Talkies

At this point, young kids' imaginations are still pretty lively, so giving them toys that help create that imaginative world they get to live in for a while longer is what they need.

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With the world changing in such a drastic way more children want to play games on an iPad rather than go play on the monkey bars. They are missing out on those golden opportunities that we were given as children. These suggestions will help with allowing your child to experience the same happiness that a normal child should feel in running around and creating something extraordinary with their hands.

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