Here is to every parent who has walked into a room and had the thought, "Why? Why me?!"

1. Why? Why does this happen??

2. Doing art David style

3. You get creative when trying to talk on the phone

4. Hiding doesn't make a difference

5. No piece of paper is clean, especially the one you want to use

6. Dining out be like

7. Bathroom breaks turn into ...

8. You

thought you were in control

9. Every meal

10. When this happens and you swear you aren't a horrible parent

11. And you need to make a very important phone call

12. Ehhem ... you don't need to wash your hair anyway

13. You were only out of the room for 15 seconds to get your phone, and ...

14. Well at least extreme hairstyles are "in" these days

15. Why?

16. The bathroom's natural state

17. The never ending story

18. Well ... it happens. First thought: "YUCK!" Second thought: "Ehh.. builds immunity."

19. You can't leave the two of them alone for a second ... at least one is trying to clean it up

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