As I look around my house, I often see crumbs on the floor, sheets (and probably kids) that need washing and dishes piled in the sink. I used to wonder about all the other moms and how their lives compared. They probably cleaned up those crumbs as soon as they hit the floor. Laundry piles didn't exist in their living rooms and their kids were always clean and shiny. Dishes were not only put immediately in the dishwasher, but were probably put away as soon as they had been washed. They had it all together, right?

Well, guess what? They don't. At least not all the time. Knowing this, I admit to you 20 thoughts I may or may not have had that other moms would never admit to:

1. How long has he been playing in his room...and how long have I been watching Paw Patrol by myself?

2. I wonder how long I can hide in the bathroom without anyone bothering me. (My record is a whopping 7 minutes.)

3. Wait a parents really did have a favorite child!

4. No doubt it was me, obviously.

5. Maybe if I have her take a picture of her room, I don't have to get up to check if it's clean.

6. Did I brush my hair today?

7. Hey! My hair is actually still pretty clean.

8. that peanut butter? I spoke too soon.

9. Tupperware is occasionally disposable, right?

10. He wet the bed again? I'm just going to throw this towel on top and call it a night.

11. If my child comes home with another gumdrop-glittery-glue craft, I think I might scream.

12. Maybe if I hide it under three layers of garbage, she won't notice I threw it away.

13. My kids probably won't benefit that much from hearing the middle-ten pages of this book.

14. How many baths in one week does a small child really need?

15. How did a Lego get in my bra?

16. I wonder how long I can make them believe that Diet Dr. Pepper is really called "Mommy's medicine"?

17. Is that chocolate...or something else?

18. Speaking of chocolate, cupcakes are really not that different from muffins. Breakfast win!

19. My hubby just texted me that he's really looking forward to a home-cooked meal tonight. I wonder where he's going and if he'll bring me home a plate.

Here's to all you moms out there who are perfect and wonderful. That's you! And that's me! We are perfect for our own kids, even with all of our flaws. That's what makes you a wonderful mom. When you're a mom, it's OK to have bad days, it's OK not to be coping, and it's OK to cut corners to save your sanity. We are all trying to do our best and be the best mothers we can be. Sometimes, it's just about getting to the end of the day alive. You're not alone.

Editor's Note: Originally published on Becky's Blog Makeminehappy. It has been republished here with permission.

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