Dieting, or just trying to have healthier eating habits, can be really hard.

You're not alone.

Check out these social media posts about dieting fails. (Bonus: Laughing totally burns calories!)

1. If time flies when you're having fun, dieting is definitely not fun

The#struggleisreal ... Carbs, #carbs and #sugar everywhere ??????? #fitnessjourney #dietfail

A photo posted by Sonia Duquette (@soniaduquette21) on

2. Why would you even run if there wasn't a really good reason?

3. For that matter, why do vacuum cleaners have lights?

Can't argue this one, lol. #FunnyFriday #TGIF #dietfail

A photo posted by Marcus Kowal (@mackowal) on

4. Who can pass up such beauty?

So beautiful! ???

A photo posted by ?WORKOUTS?LAUGHS?MOTIVATION (@fitandfunnymomma) on

5. When a "serving size" leaves you starving

6. I just needed a snack!

I always meet this kinda accident? #dietfail#gymlife

A photo posted by mohammed patel (@mohammed_patel_) on

7. How can this even be unhealthy? It's all vegetables.

?? #funny #food #chips #salsa #nowillpower #dietfail

A photo posted by ? Margaux Nissen Gray ? (@redgray) on

8. It's so hard to diet when you're hungry all the time

#mylife ??

A photo posted by ?WORKOUTS?LAUGHS?MOTIVATION (@fitandfunnymomma) on

9. There are no calories if you eat with friends


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