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The season of giving gifts is soon upon us. Amazon, as always, is full of crazy and cool gifts to give. So if you're in a slump and don't know what to give, check out these 20 awesome items:

Little panda bank

A cute panda steals your money!

Get it for $12.99

Unicorn farts

I hear they taste pretty good.

Get it for $9.99

Light-up gloves

Perfect for cold, dark nights out on the town.

Get it for $12.99

Baby mask

The perfect mask for pranks.

Get it for $11.99

Live worm farm

Who wouldn't want to have live worms for a pet?

Get it for $28.95

"Hands" finger puppets

Who couldn't use an extra hand?

Get it for $12.95

Remote control tarantula

The best pranks involve spiders.

Get it for $28.99

Mystic emoji ball

Forget the Magic 8-Ball; This emoji will tell you all you need to know.

Get it for $8.95

Pikachu onesie

Perfect for playing Pokémon Go.

Get it for $15.70

Fence window for pets

They're always watching ...

Get it for $31.76

2-D Bag

It's totally real.

Get it for $21.90

Crayon rocks

Pretty rocks you can draw with!

Get it for $29.95

3-D butterfly wall decals

Life-like butterflies to brighten any room.

Get it for $6.99

Mustache birthday candles

Who doesn't want mustaches on their birthday cake?

Get it for $5.96

Donut soap

The only donut you don't want to eat.

Get it for $11.00

The alarm clock that will actually get you out of bed in the morning

It will roll around the room and beep until you get up and turn it off.

Get it for $39.99

Darth Vader toaster

Choose the dark side.

Get it for $39.99

A mug with a hoop

Marshmallow basketball for the win!

Get it for $24.00

Dinosaur soup ladles

Making soup has never been more entertaining.

Get them for $5.84

"Don't touch" useless box

Every time you flip the switch, the little tiger hops out and turns the box off. Hours and hours of endless fun!

Get it for $53.77

Be the best gift giver of the season and buy these before they're gone!

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