Sometimes coming up with ideas of what to do with your kids can be hard. Here are 20 of our favorite activities to do with kids. Take a look and try a couple of them. You'll be surprised at how much fun you can really have with your kids.

1. Make a craft

Doing a craft with your child is a great chance for you two to talk and learn from each other. This activity allows you to focus on accomplishing a goal together. As you work on it, you can talk and ask them questions as you bond over a shared activity.

2. Make dinner together

Not only will you be doing something that has to be done every night, but you will also be teaching your children valuable skills.

3. Plant a garden

Learning to plant a garden will teach your children all about hard work and patience. Planting and taking care of a garden together will be one of the best lessons to teach your children.

4. Visit your public library

A library is filled with all kinds of adventures. You and your child can travel far without leaving the comfort of your town. Plan a book series to read together. Whether you are reading it to each other or on your own, you will build a deeper connection doing something together.

5. Scavenger hunt

This is a fun activity if you are caught indoors. Look up different scavenger ideas on Pinterest.

6. Build a fort

This was my favorite thing to do as a child, and I always needed help from an adult. Building a fort leads to hours of confined entertainment. You can help them build a fort and play games inside or you can simply build it for them and go back to work.

7. Learn chess

Learn to play chess. It'll be fun to see how good you get at strategizing and learning the rules. If chess isn't for you, learn to play another board game.

8. Experience night

Travel without leaving your home. Pick a destination that you or your kids have been wanting to experience, then turn your house into that destination. Work together to decorate, make a traditional dinner from the place (maybe even desert too), watch a movie based in the destination or play their traditional games. You can bring the vacation to your house and learn a lot of cool things about the place you've always wanted to visit.

9. Go to the zoo

The zoo is a great place to teach your kids about our beautiful world (and get in some exercise too).

10. Go birdwatching

Or if you don't want to spend any money to see animals, visit a park, your backyard or a bird refugee and go bird watching (If you are in your backyard, buying a little bird seed might help).

11. Volunteer together

Teach your children they can do a lot of good in the community. Find a cause you and your kids care about and volunteer together.

12. Go see a movie

Instead of just going to a regular movie theater, find a drive in or silent movies so they get a different movie-watching experience.

13. Deep clean

Teach your children how to clean and find old treasures. Learning about these old items might be so exciting that they'll forget they're actually working.

14. Look at the stars

Spend a night out under the stars together. Download a star app so you can identify each one you find.

15. Shopping spree

You can go to a dollar store, a grocery store or even a clothing store. Give your kids a budget and let them buy what they choose within the budget. Walk with them and talk to them about what they will give up if they choose to buy more expensive things. If they are OK with that, then be OK with it too. It'll be a fun way to see what your child thinks is important and a great learning experience for them.

16. Go on a vacation

It doesn't have to be huge or far, but doing something away from home will be something your children will always remember.

17. Dress up and have a party

Whether you are having a tea party or a superhero party, find something your kids love and dress up for it. Make little treats to snack on - be sure to put your phone away so you can give your child your full attention.

18. Build an obstacle course

It can be a simple as using toys from the backyard to actually building something. Whatever you decide, be sure to build it together, than take turns timing each other on the course.

19. Make a music video

Choose a song or make up one. Make a plan with your child about where you are going to film. Then crank up the tunes and start dancing. Making this little video might be the funniest thing you've done in a while.

20. Visit a fire station

Meet your local firemen or policemen. Get to know those who are serving in the community. This will help your children know they can go to them for help. Who knows - you might even get to pet a dalmatian at the fire station.

Spend time with your children. No matter what it is you're doing together - whether it's a week-long vacation or building a fort in your living room - your kids will love making memories with you.

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