These lies go well beyond Santa Claus/Tooth Fairy level.

Parents can come up with some pretty hilarious fibs- and how can you blame them when kids are so gullible?

When I was young, my mom was trying to get me to break my habit of sucking my thumb. I couldn't fall asleep without my thumb in my mouth, and my mom told me if I kept doing it I'd wake up one morning and my thumb would be black. I got scared, but not scared enough to break my habit. The next morning, I woke up and my thumb was black! It faded in a couple days, but my thumb-sucking habit was scared out of me. Later, I learned my mom had come into my bedroom in the middle of the night and colored my thumb with a black sharpie.

My mom's not the only one- these poor kids were also scarred by their parents' lies, and now they're all grown up to share their hilarious memories.

1. Watch out for Fat Elizabeth!

2. Guess I'll be flipping burgers for the rest of my life

3. If only lollipops did grow on trees


5. Your own personal moon

6. When your dad is an actual troll

7. At least you got plenty of sleep

8. Marshmallows have been known to do that

9. Not Buzz!

10. Mouse poop breath

11. Don't worry, honey. They're just like carrots!

12. Breakdancing isn't for everyone

13. I'm still pretty sure all moms have eyes in the back of their heads

14. My nose is itchy now

15. If that's the case, peacocks are pretty darn tasty

16. "Where's the gizzard?"

17. Those brown Froot Loops are the worst

18. Sounds pretty scarring

19. Poor bathroom fish

20. Crippling gumballs

What lies did your parents tell you during your childhood?

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