We've all seen the perfect families on the front of parenting magazines, but those don't really reflect what parenting is like. Neither do those nice family photos you see hanging on people's walls. Here are some photos that show what really goes on in a parent's life.

1. There is no privacy, not even in the bathroom

2. The kids cry a lot, often for no reason

"I wanted to put his used nappy in the bin."
Submitted By: Laura M.
Location: United Kingdom

Posted by Reasons My Son Is Crying on Thursday, May 7, 2015

3. There are some big messes

4. The parent is not allowed to have anything without someone begging for it

5. There's a fair share of multitasking

6. Toys are everywhere

Not a hope in hell am I cleaning any of this up #parenting #parentingfail

A photo posted by Kellie Kearney (@mylittlebabog) on

7. A human step stool is not out of the question

Let's all just take a moment.. #Parenting

Posted by KIIS 1065 on Wednesday, August 5, 2015

8. Beds are free game for everyone

Another great night of sleep.

[Photo from Life of Dad user, Kera Schutz]

Posted by Life of Dad on Sunday, August 9, 2015

9. What having more than one child looks like

10. The toliet paper is always gone

"Mom, we're out of toilet paper." #No?Sherlock ???#ComeWipeMyBum photo thanks to @stephaniefd #kidsaretheworst

A photo posted by Anna Macfarlane, @ahhnnab (@kidsaretheworst) on

11. Shopping with kids is loads of fun

Today is going super well ?I had a long day. I just wanna buy stuff ? #shoppingwithmom #getoffthefloor

A photo posted by €ⅈaℝa ⅅaℳaṩ (ℋenⅆerṣօℕ) (@ciaradamas) on

12. Bath time is fun too

This is how I clean my bathroom! Así es como limpio el baño ?

A photo posted by Soraya Avila-Sarcos ? (@sorayasarcos) on

13. Sometimes the babies take off their diapers

Uhmmmm missy! I think something's missing... #stinker #TookOffHerDiaper

A photo posted by Lauryn Wirtala (@laurlynnnn) on

14. What a parent's phone camera roll looks like

15. Diaper cream becomes a toy

She found the diaper cream under daddy's watch #diapercream #allovertheplace #rainydays #toddlerlife

A photo posted by Katherine Giovannone (@neesh_eyewear) on

16. There is a never-ending laundry pile

I know, I know, you're jealous... #pilesoflaundry #tiniestlaundryroomever #anyonewanttotrade? #sos

A photo posted by Jordan Page | Budget Guru? (@funcheaporfree) on

17. Parents get walked all over — literally

18. A child's face becomes a canvas

This is what "quiet" looked like for this child. "Look mommy, I'm tattooed!" 󾌯 #permanentmarker #tbt

Posted by Robyn Lee on Thursday, December 18, 2014

19. Kids take great care of your personal items

20. Nice photos don't always work out

Our friend Shane getting the business from his oldest little girl.

Captured by miss lala photography

Posted by Life of Dad on Monday, June 22, 2015

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