We really shouldn't dismiss things that kids say, because often, it makes a whole lot more sense than anything else in the world.

These kids' simple statements are everything right with this world.

1. No one can replace you

Keep doing you!!! #realtalk #kidwisdom

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2. When you have God, you're never alone

Gotta love Nora's theology. #God #letterstogod #kidwisdom

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3. Encourage each other more

Thank you Kid President! We agree! High fives all around! ❤️ The Soul Sisters #kidwisdom

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4. So much truth to this

I love this. #kidwisdom #sotrue

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5. Why cry when you can dance?

Make the best of it.

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6. Different, yet the same

7. Pictures of animals are always the safest

??? I couldn't resist. Love my funny kiddos!

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8. Keep your heart full of love

9. Honest people are happier

10. Friends make everything better

11. Never give up on yourself

Never, never, never, never, never give up #kidwisdom #truth #care #love

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12. These first graders and their "do" list is spot on

13. Enjoy the beauty and be at peace

14. The power of positivity

Positivity in it's simplist form #mineralogy #vscocam #advicefromkids

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15. Don't quit. Eat cake while you regroup

Keep grinding #hardwork#determination#kidadvice#nannylife#ilovecake

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16. Take notes on this one

17. Tell people you love them often

#iloveyou #ily #meanit #fromthebottomofmyheart #kidwisdom ?

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18. Making mistakes is totally normal

19. Smart advice

Words to live by.

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20. Sometimes a nap is all you need

Sometimes we take life too seriously and forget to focus on what really matters. Life isn't perfect, things won't always go as planned, but we can love those around us and be happy with the good things in our lives. Take these kids' advice and get a fresh perspective.

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