Here's to all those baby bumps!

1. The crafty way

2. The festive way

3. The active way

4. The clothes way

5. The bathroom way

6. The gamer way

7. The bling way

8. The food way

9. The button way

10. The superhero way

11. The car way

12. The cruel way

13. The music way

I love my job! #pregoannouncement #photoglife #vanillaiceBABY #hipsters

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14. The balloon way

15. The sandwich way

16. The football way


A photo posted by Jennifer Garner Designs (@jennifergarnerdesigns) on

17. The skater way

18. The Starbucks way

19. The movie way

20. The candy bar way

21. The motorcycle way

Which ones have you used? Comment any new ideas!

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