Dads have been there through the thick and thin. Your dad is the one who taught you most about the greater things in life. He taught you about the schematics of a lightsaber, teased you with his many dad jokes, took you out for ice cream when you were feeling low and helped you to build your life into what it is now. Most of all, Dads make for great best buddies.

Here are 20 signs you and your dad are buddies for life:

1. Some things can only be shared over ice cream

Ice cream cures everything.

2. He introduces you to the greatest fandoms on the planet

Geeks unite.

3. You tend to like each other's choices in music

Most of the time.

4. He's known you the longest, so he knows you best

Apart from your mom, he knows all there is to know about you.

5. He makes the best treats on earth

Brownies, pancakes, rice krispie treats, you name it. He has the baker's touch.

6. He always takes your side

Even when you're wrong.

7. Not a day goes by without a Dad joke

"Hi, Hungry. I'm Dad!"

8. He taught you everything you know

Even if he wasn't that great of a teacher.

9. He taught you to be the best person you can be

He expects nothing less.

10. He encourages you to do what you love

He can see how happy you are when you do something you love.

11. He set the standard really high for finding someone who will treat you the way you should be treated

No one will ever measure up to your dad.

12. He is always teasing you

That's because you're the best to tease.

13. Even your friends love your dad

When your friends talk about how great your dad is, you know he's a great guy. But you're the only one who gets to keep him forever.

14. He gives you the best advice

Take it from your dad, he knows exactly the right thing to do.

15. He's carried you when you couldn't

His strong, loving arms have held you during the times you've needed his help the most.

16. He's the first person you call, for everything

Whether you're in a crisis, you have good news or just need someone to talk to, he'll be there to answer the phone.

17. He sacrificed everything so he could give you the world

You may never know or understand all that your dad sacrificed for you so you could have the life you do.

18. You can never stay mad at him very long

Even on the days when he makes you angry, you can never stay angry for very long. He's too good at making you laugh.

19. He will always love you, even for your stupid mistakes

Despite all of the stupid things you've done and said, he will always forgive you and love you for who you are.

20. No matter what, he'll always be there for you

On the best days and the worst, your dad will be there.

21. Nothing could ever replace the bond the two of you share

Absolutely nothing.

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