1. Turning off the lights in your basement

Because the second those lights are turned off, you run up the stairs like there is no tomorrow. Who knows what could be lurking behind you?!

2. When someone says your full name

You are definitely in trouble...

3. When the professor says: "10 more minutes" during the test


4. When you put your phone in your pocket and then 2 hours later it's not in your pocket

Everyone. Remain. Calm.

5. Waiting for the results

Did you win? Did I win? What is life? Who am I?

6. Looking at your phone and seeing 3 missed calls from Mom

There is no word that can fully describe this unspeakable horror.

7. Turbulence on an airplane

Clouds are not supposed to be this terrifying.

8. When you hear a knock at the door when you're home alone

Que the irrational thought that there is a murderer at the door when it's really just the FedEx guy.

9. Walking up the stairs and taking an extra step at the top

And... THERE is the mini heart attack.

10. When your alarm doesn't go off and you overslept 30 minutes

You never ran a marathon in your life until the day this happened.

11. When the spider you just saw mysteriously disappears

dramatic music plays

12. When you're in the shower and the house starts to creak

Just pretend like you didn't hear it...

13. When you're trying to sleep at night and your poster decides to fall off the wall

Wh-what was that?!

14. Airport security

Even though you have nothing to hide, there is nothing like the fear of potentially being tackled to the ground by security guards.

15. Receiving a call from an unknown number

"Who are you and how did you find me? "

16. When a street lamp flickers

It might just be from all the horror films you've seen, but flickering lights definitely are creepy.

17. When your laptop shuts down in the middle of your project

You can't always depend on "autosave."

18. Checking your bank account

"I'm sure I have enough money to... Oh."

19. "We need to talk" or "Call me as soon as you can"

throws phone out the window I can't handle this kind of pressure.

20. Running into someone who you are trying to avoid


21. Trying to remember if you left the stove on when you left the house

"I always turn it off... But what if I didn't this time?!"

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