Men and women are very different people, and although men have been trying to figure out how a woman's mind works for eons, little do they know, we have been doing the same thing. Despite all the strange things they do, we still love them ... most of the time.

1. They would rather travel around lost for hours than ask for directions

2. They think bathroom humor is the funniest thing life has to offer

3. Catcalling ... Why?

4. They are easily distracted

One minute you're telling them about your rude coworker and then they whip out their phone to catch a Pokemon in the middle of your story.

5. They get so squeamish about periods

6. They can't multitask

Women can clean the house, talk on the phone and feed the baby at the same time, and yet men can't answer a simple question while watching TV.

7. They pay no attention to detail

He may know you're going over to your mom's place for the holidays, but he has no idea what time or what you need to bring.

8. Why it is so hard for them to put the toilet back down?

9. Snoring. Why do they all sound like a hibernating grizzly bear?!

10. Why does it take them an hour to go to the bathroom?

Perhaps women may never solve the mystery.

11. Getting them to share their feelings is like pulling out their teeth

12. Why they are so talkative for one second and completely silent the next?

13. They hate shopping more than anything else

14. They can watch sports for hours at a time and they never get bored

15. They forget their children's birthdays, but they always remember when the Pepsi is running low in the fridge

16. Women breathe around chocolate and gain 5 pounds, and men eat 87 meals a day and they don't gain an ounce

17. The smallest head cold immediately turns into "man flu"

The world comes to a complete end when they have a case of the sniffles.

18. Why they actually believe us when we say "everything's fine."

It's not. It never is.

19. It takes them 30 years to answer a text or call you back

20. Somtimes they clearly hear some things you say and other times things go in one ear and out the other

21. Why do they hate to admit they need help with anything?

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