Childbirth is one of the most difficult things a woman can go through. And hearing any of these 21 phrases from your husband or doctor might be the only thing more difficult.

1. Doctor


2. Husband

"Does it hurt?"

3. Doctor

"It's a baby girl! Wait; just a minute. OK no ... it's a boy—my bad."

4. Husband

"I think I'm gonna be sick."

5. Doctor

"I grew up on a farm so I've seen it all."

6. Husband

"Can we switch the channel?"

7. Husband

"Is that supposed to happen?"

8. Doctor

"Nurse, call Carl and tell him I won't make it so he can dvr the game for me."

9. Husband

"Honey, I brought the video camera so we don't lose any memories!"

10. Doctor

"Just calm down and breathe."

11. Husband

"Can I add this to my Snapchat story?"

12. Husband

"Hey doc, I've had this growth on my foot for a while and was wondering if you could take a quick peek at it."

13. Doctor

"My nickname in med school was Dr. Strange. You know, like the superhero."

14. Husband

"Hey babe where do you want to go eat after this?"

15. Husband

"Nurse, can I get some more of this orange jello and another juice box?"

16. Doctor

"This is Amy. She's our newest delivery nurse and I'll be training her today."

17. Husband

"I packed your swimsuit in case the hospital has a pool."

18. Doctor

"My narcolepsy hasn't bothered me for weeks."

19. Husband

"Does this chair recline at all?"

20. Doctor

New speed record! #doctorgoals

21. Husband

"I can't even."

New mother/only sane person in the room

"Hello baby. Welcome to my crazy world."

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