We're about halfway through summer, and while you're probably having a blast spending quality time with your kiddos ... they can be a (total) handful.

For a lot of parents, summer comes without a schedule. There are constant popsicle drips and sidewalk chalk stains to clean. You have to deal with sunscreen and days at the park. Oh, and the kids can get a little crazy. And maybe, just maybe, you occasionally wish summer would come to an end and they would just go back to school.

Sound familiar? These 21 parents know exactly where you're coming from:

1. At least she's taking a nap

2. You've probably cleaned up the same mess 1,000 times

3. Pants were too much to handle today

Soooo...this sums up my morning. How 'bout you? ??? #momofboys #issummeroveryet #theyreallydoloveeachother

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4. The never-ending cycle

5. It's only 10 am and they're already fighting

6. Sound familiar?

7. All. Day. Long

8. The summer of slime

A sad but true story #dontbringthatinmyhouseagain #kidsaretheworst

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9. Seems like a valid solution

10. So much for taking turns when it comes to "mommy time"

11. You gave them a fair warning

12. Of course

13. It sounded like a good idea at the time

14. Not the worst idea

15. Isn't syrup its own food group?

16. They had the right idea

17. Don't we all live for free Slurpee day?

Free Slurpees, were totally worth almost dying for! ?Due to overcrowding and a traffic jam in the 7-eleven parking lot!

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18. Oops

19. She was probably hungry as soon as they left the restaurant

Ha ha!#funnymemes #hilarious #icant #truth #momlife #kidsgonewild

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20. Why do they feel the need to change 12 times a day?

21. But, you'll miss them once school starts

Don't worry. Soon, summer will be over and you'll wish you could have had time for one more slip-n-slide or day at the pool before school started. But until then, good luck!

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