I'm a guy, so all of this pregnancy stuff is foreign (and slightly terrifying) to me. Nonetheless, I've fully enjoyed compiling this hilarious list from Reddit users about things pregnant women have gotten extremely emotional over. Make sure to add your stories in the comments section.

1. Dang raviolis

"Wife was craving Chef Boyardee ravioli. I was cooking it in on the stove [sort of] watching it when I glance over and it is at a hard boil ... I grab it and pull it off the heat and start vigorously stirring so nothing burns to the bottom. Wife walks in ... 'YOU'RE STIRRING IT TOO FAST!! THEY ARE GOING TO BREAK APART!!!' She left the room bawling."

2. Backs away slowly

3. "Sorry, were you going to eat that?"

4. "Should I call someone?"

5. Eating a burrito of emotion

How to wedding when pregnant! @kkw913 #nyewitheandp #proudsister #pregnantcravings

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6. Speaking of tortillas

7. The fact that this one involves tortillas too is pure coincidence

8. "It's a Christmas miracle"

9. "What did I do wrong?"

10. Wow ... just, wow

11. Rude

"He fell asleep before me."

12. The little truck that could

13. Understandable

14. Alrighty then

"Carving a pumpkin... Don't ask.. I don't know why."

15. Template for the perfect husband

Bump friendly pants = leggings annnnd leggings ??

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16. Follow the link

17. There are no words

18. What's the deal with commercials?

19. When tragedy strikes

20. Sounds like a pretty good dream

So I made him try being me for an hour. Didn't last 15 min. #39weekspregnant #heymileywhatsgood #ilovemyhusband ?????

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21. "Honey, please stop"

To all of you pregnant ladies out there, I salute you. Don't forget to share your strangely emotional stories in the comments below.

Editor's note: Some responses were edited for clarity and readability.

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