What's the funnest part about April fools?

How about showing your kid who's really the master prankster of the house.

Here are 21 April fools jokes that are sure to blow the socks off your kids and leave them wondering for years how they didn't know their parents were such masterminds in the first place.

1. Slice open a bottle of coke like it's no big deal

2. Freeze their cereal overnight

I cannot believe I didn't think of this when literally Belle eats "ceweeal" almost every morning! Haha either way I found my prank for her tomorrow...

Posted by Chelsea Armenta on Thursday, March 31, 2016

5. Serve them a new type of egg

6. Make them cry a little over this one

Here's an April fools prank you use for tomorrow!!??? #aprilfools #haha #aprilfoolsprank

A photo posted by Claudia (@ccakes_btr5) on

7. And this one

New video is live on Youtube.com/Katrinaosity! Go check it out. #aprilfoolsprank #aprilfools #prank #aprilfoolsday

A photo posted by Katrina Sherwood (@katrinaosity) on

8. It all seems harmless until the marshmallows are gone

9. This one is meant for just insighting frustration

So THAT'S why my mouse doesn't work.... ? My coworkers are a trip. #aprilfools #prank #theygotme #sneakysneaky

A photo posted by Alexandria (@5fivebrowneyes) on

10. What a way to have them eat their veggies

11. Maybe add some potty humor in there

12. Or just a little scare in the morning

Fetch me a bag of frozen mango from the garage freezer, kids! *muahahahahaha* #aprilfoolsday #aprilfoolsprank

A photo posted by booturtle (@booturtle_rocks) on

13. When they aren't fans of the Beibs

14. When they ask you where they can charge their phone

Real outlet or a sticker on the wall? ? #Prank #AprilFools

A photo posted by The Dillon (@thedilloniu) on

15. When you tell them you made banana bread

16. When they scream, you will know exactly why

#aprilfoolsprank This got a girlie shriek from my hubby xo

A photo posted by Mandi Morehouse (@uncoveryourpast) on

17. You can tell them you made some brown e's

18. Or that you are having desert for dinner

19. Or there's a worm infestation

20. Secretly change the family photos around the house

Pranking aftermath #prank #aprilfool #aprilfoolsprank #aftermath

A photo posted by Tricia Spaulding (@sthrn_gal) on

22. When you tell them to go brush their teeth they will get quite the surprise

23. What kid doesn't want to be bright green in the morning?

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