Parents seem to either be really good at texting, or really bad. There's no in-between. Either way, they're absolutely hysterical. (Oh, and make sure you answer the question at the bottom ? .)

1. Mom's wrath works on more than the kids

2. Well played, Mom

3. I'm hip, I'm cool

4. When you're beyond help

5. Well, that's embarrassing

6. How does this even happen?

7. When Dad goes too far

8. Thanks for the heads up, Dad

9. Dad jokes ... ugh

10. Well, that was anticlimactic

11. Dad, stop

12. Dad, PLEASE

13. This poor child

14. Yeah, I think I've heard that one before

15. You can tell this kid has been through a lot

16. Probably not the best place to try out new tech

17. Maybe it's Opposite Day?

18. That escalated quickly

19. Facepalm

20. An innocent mistake

21. That is unfortunate and hilarious

22. ... Vampire

23. I'm still waiting for my acceptance letter

24. Ouch

Amazing, right? Now it's your turn! Keep us laughing by answering this question:

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