You've already got reasons not to homeschool, but have you considered all the reasons to homeschool?

Here are a list of 24 things families who homeschool love about their lives:

1. Your kids can chase their dreams

School can get in the way when kids want to develop certain skills. With homeschool, what really matters is put before everything else.

2. Innovative learning experiences

Your kids can learn through field trips, experiments and films.

3. You pick your own sleep schedule

If you'd rather stay up late and sleep in, you have the power to make that happen.

4. The objective is knowledge (not grades)

Your kids get to learn without pressure.

5. There's more play time

Without having to cater to a whole room of students, work can be done more efficiently.

6. Learning can happen anywhere

You will stop limiting learning to the classroom alone. Instead, every moment will be an opportunity for brilliance.

7. Reduced peer pressure

Of course, siblings can still pressure each other but that peer pressure most likely safer than the wiles of middle schoolers.

8. They learn good morals

You can teach your kids your family's standards instead of what legislators deem correct.

9. Average higher scores on standardized tests

Statisticsreveal that homeschooled students score higher on standardized tests than children in public schools.

10. They still make friends

Friends can be found in community theaters, girl scout troops, church, homeschool groups, etc.

11. More likely to participate in adulthood

Homeschooled kids are more involved in their community through voting, service, etc.

12. Your kids eat better

They have access to healthy meals and snacks (that they can learn to make themselves).

13. You get to learn too

Parents get the opportunity to discover new knowledge as well.

14. No comparison to kids their age

They set their own standards.

15. Excellent teacher to student ratio

Your kids get all the attention they need.

16. Students work at their own pace

If your kid needs more time to understand negative numbers, you have the freedom to make that time adjustment. Likewise, you don't have to spend more time on concepts that are easy for your kids.

17. Students get to learn what they want

If your son develops an interest in knights you can teach about the middle ages and if your daughter starts a rock collection, geology can be worked into the curriculum.

18. Get to know your kids

Spending time with your kids is the best way to really know them.

19. Your kids get to know you

And vice versa.

20. Siblings become friends

Brothers and sisters become more than siblings, they become friends.

21. A schedule that works for you

Kids don't have to be miss school for a dentist visit because you can schedule school around the appointment. Also, school doesn't have to be missed for family vacations because you can pick your days off.

22. You experience their learning

You get to see their delight when they finally can read a book themselves.

23. No busy work

Their assignments are always meaningful.

24. Access to awesome resources

There are many valuable resources to enhance learning experiences available to homeschools. For example, the Dove Channel offers educational films to engage kids in learning. Get your free one month trial today by clicking here.

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