Marriage is full of surprises. It has its ups and downs and a lot of strange things in-between. But one things for sure, you become part of a special club once you're married and there are some things you only understand when you exchange rings with your sweetheart.

These 24 tweets attest to that.

1. It's all fun and games

2. Making messes

3. When you're angry

4. Ok, but seriously

5. Battle of the house temperature

6. Snoring is ... comforting?

7. You know that one song?

8. Dishes don't do themselves!

9. All about that toilet paper

10. Grown-up presents

11. You do strange things

12. Too tired for laundry

13. Cat videos only

14. He still can't find anything

15. Still a little kid

16. Can be uncomfortable

17. Who needs grocery lists?

18. The last thing she wants to hear when she gets home

19. Shopping like a boss

20. Still don't know what to eat for dinner

21. How does this taste?

22. Whose turn is it anyway?

23. No sharing

24. The sweetest moments

Can you relate?

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