Translated and adapted by David Hall from the original article "25 Coisas Legais para Fazer com seu Conjuge" by Carla Pinheiro Alves.

"It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important."This famous phrase from The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery teaches us about the importance of spending time with those we love. In the end, if we do not have time for them, then they must not be important to us.

In order for a rose to survive, beautiful and well perfumed, it must be taken care of, watered correctly, and given the right amounts of sunlight and shade. In The Little Prince, the Little Prince constantly cares for his rose during his travels. He always remembers it and tells others about it. The Little Prince misses his rose so much that he returns frequently to his little planet to see it.

Married life can be compared to the Little Prince and his rose. Your spouse is your little rose, the amount of time and talents you invest in your "rose" demonstrates how important she is to you.

Dedicate more time to your spouse and you will find that your relationship will blossom. Here are 25 simple ideas of activities you can do with your spouse.

1. Go for a walk

Put on a pair of shoes and set out on a new adventure. A little fresh air and some conversation will always make her day.

2. Work-out

Lift weights, do jiu-jitsu or go swimming. Find some physical activity you can do together.

3. Photography

Grab a camera and let the creativity flow. Taking pictures together not only creates memories, but also is a lot of fun.

4. Try a new restaurant

If you have not tried it, experiment, it is always good to try new flavors. Try Japanese, Italian, Mexican or some other foreign food you have never tried.

5. Play video games

Video games are all the craze today. Try playing something active like Kinect or Wii-Sports. Besides having fun, you will sweat a little.

6. Football

Go watch live football. Pick a team and follow them through the ranks. Cheering together will bring you closer together. Other sports, such as basketball or soccer are also great options.

7. Theme Parks

Go visit a theme park. Besides just rides, most offer theatrical presentations and mini shopping malls. Don't forget to ride the Ferris-wheel for a super romantic evening!

8. Water Park

Imagine a warm, summer day, spending time with your spouse, getting wet on slippery water slides. Once you are done with the rides, you can simply relax in the lazy river, bathe in the sun or play around in the pools.

9. Zoos

Zoos are great places to visit for those that enjoy animals.

10. Circus

The circus provides you with a great opportunity for a laugh together.

11. Board games

There are just under an infinite number of board games out there, so it is easy to pick one that both you and your spouse enjoy.

12. Hikes

Many couples like to climb mountains, explore caves or swim under a waterfall. So, get out on the trails.

13. Ride your bikes

Use a helmet and have a fun ride! Do this often.

14. Stroll through the plaza or city center

This idea may seem simple, but it is still very romantic. Make good use of your time and do not forget to try the free samples. There is always something being sold around there. Try a fruit smoothie or a hot chocolate, depending on the weather.

15. Ice cream

While dating, young couples always go to eat ice cream. The simplicity is romantic.

16. Candle-light dinner

Prepare a dinner to be eaten together in the dim, romantic candle light.

17. Movies

Watch a gooey chick-flick or any other kind of movie that the two of you can enjoy together.

18. Learn another language

Register yourselves in a language class together. You will not only have a good time, but you will also learn another language.

19. Start a new hobby

A new hobby could include anything from collecting baseball cards to croquet. Whatever it is, it will be an opportunity to create a new family tradition that could last for years.

20. Adopt an animal

Any kind of pet is a great addition to the family. What is most important is the love and care the two of you will put into it together.

21. Museums

Visit a museum that interests you. Have fun appreciating, up close, things you enjoy or would like to know more about.

22. Go to a fair

It does not matter what kind of fair it is, be it a harvest festival or car show. What is important, however, is getting out there and having a good time together.

23. Visit a spa

Take a day off to relax together and get some well-deserved rest.

24. Second honeymoon

It is definitely worth it to leave the kids with Grandma May or Aunt Bertha, while you reserve a hotel and a weekend for just the two of you.

25. Visit a church

All men (and women) need the opportunity to communicate with that Supreme Being that they believe in. Create precious memories as you take the time to worship together.

These are small things to do with your spouse, your most important person, your rose. Use these ideas to increase the time you have dedicated to just her.

8 fun things to do with your spouse

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