You might not be able to put together an incredible Princess themed bento box for your kids every morning, but you can surprise them with a little note left in their lunch. Though writing out "have a good day" is always an option, there are some more creative phrases...even if it is early in the morning. Keep a stack of sticky notes by the sandwich bags and slip in a message before they run off to school; here are 27 ideas to get you started:

1. If the world was a sundae, you'd be the cherry on top!

2. Share your smile with someone new today

3. Hoping today totally rocks!

4. Love you to the moon and back

5. I'm just nuts about you! (This phrase is extra cute if paired with a Peanut Butter sandwich)

6. What do elephants wear on their legs? ElePANTS!

7. Don't forget to "bee" awesome!

8. Go ahead, eat dessert first

9. Thinking of you!

10. I know you are working hard today, keep it up!

11. Love you, pumpkin

12. See you later alligator!

13. I want to hear about something new you tried at school today when you get home

14. Missing the apple of my eye today

15. Superheroes always eat their lunch

16. Good luck on your math test! (Or any other assignment your kid might be nervous about)

17. Happy pretzel day! (These holidays really exist, check out food holidays here)

18. Why do fish live in salt water? Because pepper makes them sneeze!

19. Because you're so sweet, here's a little treat

20. I owe you: an extra hug after school today (Feel free to fill in the blank)

21. We go together like peas and carrots

22. You are "dino-mite" !

23. "Eye" love you!

24. You are one smart cookie! (Cookies not necessary"but you'd earn some serious mom points)

25. Friday will be here in a flash, hang in there!

26. I'm just "bananas" for you! (Write this one on the actual banana peel for an extra surprise)

27. Don't forget, smiling is contagious!

Kids are always excited to see what's for dessert, but after a week of writing a cute little note, your secret messages might be more exciting than dessert!

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