Being a stay-at-home mom is not an easy job (that is an understatement by the way), but it sure is rewarding! Below are just 27 of the many reasons I love being a stay-at-home mom.

Quick note: By writing this post I'm not trying to personally demean anyone who is not a SAHM. I'm just simply sharing what I love about the profession I've chosen.

1. I get to chill with the most important people in my life all day long

I feel so blessed to be able to hangout with the kids who I love more than anything in the world.

2. I get to be there for all of their 'firsts.'

The first time my son said, "I luff U" was one of the most memorable moments of my life. His first step was as well. The first time I sneezed and he said, "blesh you" I couldn't help but grin. I love it when my 10-month-old daughter says, 'Hi' or 'Ma Ma.' There are so many memories and experiences I've been there to witness and there will be many, many more. I'm grateful that I get to be there to enjoy, encourage, and remember (or if I'm lucky snap a photo of) all of their precious 'firsts.'

3. I'm there to comfort them when they need it

For the most part whenever they slightly hurt themselves, I try to ignore it so they can learn to cope. But when it is something big - a hard bonk on the head, a bad fall, etc. - I want nothing more than to hold them in my arms and comfort them. My son recently started to get scared of certain things. When he runs to me or when they cry for me I'm so glad I'm there for them.

4. I get to monitor what and how much my kids watch

I appreciate TV and entertainment (especially educational programs), but I also want my children to spend time learning with their hands, developing motor skills, learning through books and play, etc. This is important for baby and toddler learning. I like to be able to limit their screen time and encourage them to do other things.

5. We have relaxing mornings

I generally wake up when the kids are ready to get up. I get them dressed, we have a nice breakfast and take our time. There is no rushing to get out of the door. I know this will change when they start going to school, but for the little ones who are growing so quickly, I like to let them sleep as long as their bodies need and to make mornings as easy and relaxing as they can be.

6. I get to read to them

I love reading to my kids and do so daily. They enjoy it and learn a lot. I adore having both of them sit on my lap as we read together.

7. We play a lot!

My son and I have sword fights or play 'keep away from the ball' on our DIY inground trampoline. We play the memory game (with the cards facing up - making matches and learning words). They love to play 'superman or flying' (I put my son or my daughter on my calfs and I lift them in the air), we play with toys, and they love to tackle and crawl all over me when I'm on the ground.

8. Discipline is much easier and effective for my kids when I am the one sticking with a system consistently.

We went to Alaska on a cruise this summer and they stayed with grandma. When we came back it was miserable getting my son back into good behavior. My daughter was a little 'off' too. Being consistent in discipline and being around my kids throughout the day helps them act better.

9. I appreciate having more time to do the homemaking

Laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc. is time consuming! Before kids I worked full time and I still didn't feel like I could get everything done. Now that I am a SAHM, I feel like I'm able to accomplish all of these tasks a little better - even when there is much more work to be done. Don't get me wrong I'm not perfect (none of us are), but I appreciate the extra time I have to do the homemaking.

10. I am my own boss

Stay-at-home moms are typically very busy and work a lot. I like 'beating to my own drum' and determining the things I do in my home. It's liberating and refreshing to set my own schedule, clean things the way I deem appropriate, etc. I'm not a control freak, but I like the freedom of not having a boss.

11. I can save more money

I have more time to coupon, look for discounts, pay bills, make homemade meals, and learn and practice ways to stretch our income. Further, we pay a lower tax bracket (with me not working), and we don't pay for two commutes, two lunches out, daycare, etc. That said, by cutting out my income I did have to supplement some of the loss by working from home.

12. I get to monitor what my kids eat

I like knowing what and how much they are eating. Mainly because my son gets wild when he has too much sugar. Also, I know that there is a lot of junk, food coloring, and additives in foods these days. In moderation that is okay, but I appreciate being able to monitor that and get them to eat a balanced and healthy diet.

13. I don't have to dress up each day

Call me lazy, but there are some days that I like to throw on a T-shirt, put my hair up in a ponytail, and not put on makeup. While most days I do try to be presentable, I like the flexibility that being a SAHM gives me in the 'getting ready' department.

14. I don't worry as much

I'm not a 'worry wart' but it is nice to be able to be with the kids and be mindful of their safety. It is also nice not have to worry about them catching sicknesses from other kids because they are in the home. I know this will also change as they start up school, but it is a perk right now.

15. We can find, alter, and stick to a schedule that works

If my kids don't nap enough and at the right times, their schedule or mood gets off balance. It is nice to be able to find what works best for them and then stick with it. It's also great to be there for signs of excess tiredness, teething, etc. which requires altering the schedule we've set.

16. We get to go on day activities with other moms and kids

We've gone on some great day outings. We go to the Aquarium, to parks, the beach, and other day activities that are fun for the kids and me.

17. They get to go to different play or trade dates

I love setting up play dates or 'trade dates' so my son can learn to socialize and start learning how to develop friendships. It is fun for me to get to know the moms in the neighborhood better as well.

18. I don't have to worry about taking time off of work

It's refreshing not have to worry about time off when the kids are sick, need me to attend an event, we go on an outing, or when I need to take them to doctor or dentist appointments.

19. I have more time to do my favorite things

If I was working full time out of the home with two little ones I know that I wouldn't be able to: workout as much, craft, make homemade Halloween costumes, blog, pursue hobbies, serve in my church and community, make more time-consuming-yet-delicious-recipes, etc. as much as I am able to now. I appreciate having time to pursue some of my favorite things to do.

20. I can rest when needed

Although this is a bit of a rarity, if I was up a lot at night with a sick kid or just really exhausted I can lie down, rest, or nap. This is especially helpful when pregnant with another child. Resting is vital while pregnant and was much easier to do when I was a stay-at-home mom vs. working full-time. I know this because when I was while pregnant with my first I worked full time and never could really get the rest I needed.

21. We learn together

We try to have learning time daily. We use these fun counting bears as a way to learn colors and numbers. We find animals on his world lamp globe, go through flash cards, read, etc. I feel like I teach them in an enthusiastic and dedicated manner because I love them and am determined to help them learn

22. Being a SAHM has improved my relationship with my husband

Although I admit, we aren't a 'model married couple,' we are working really hard to have a strong marriage and we do love each other.

That said, I have noticed that becoming a SAHM has helped our relationship in many regards. I'm not exactly sure why this is. I think some of it has to do with my husband feeling comfortable that our kids are home and well taken care of. I think he likes the system we have. He also appreciates being the bread winner"

23. I have an easier time making and prioritizing family dinner

Family dinner is sooo important. Making it a priority in our home helps us with many things including building strong relationships, eating healthy, and spending time together. It is easier to find time to prepare dinner as a stay-at-home mom.

24. I get tons of hugs, cuddles, and kisses all day long each and every day

I get to give and get hugs when the kids wake up, go down for naps, and even get to rock my baby to sleep. I love kissing my baby's chubby cheeks and squeezing her 'bubbly thighs.' And my heart flutters when my son randomly gives me a kiss. It's the best.

25. We giggle and laugh together

I love tickling the kids (not too much to be uncomfortable, just enough to make them laugh). We usually giggle at each and with each other at least a few times during the day.

My son also makes his sister laugh. It melts my heart seeing them becoming such great friends, interacting together, and making each other happy.

26. I get to teach them responsibility and work and make sure they get their chores done

During the day my son puts his dishes in the sink, helps me load and unload laundry, cleans up his messes, and wipes off the table. When he throws the pillows off of the couches, he is required to put them back. I'm trying to be diligent to ensure that he helps and works around the house and so his self confidence grows as well.

27. I have a strong relationship with my kids

By spending 10+ waking hours together daily, we know each other really well. I typically know what to do when they are in one of their many moods. I understand what certain looks, body language, etc. mean. They know I'll be there for them too. I love that when my son doesn't know where in the house I'm at, he'll call out, "mom?, mom?" and trusts I'm there and I'll answer. I love that my daughter crawls towards whatever area of the home I'm in and just wants to be with me. The stability of our relationships, my children's trust and love, and time we spend together is priceless to me.

And although being a Stay-at-Home mom is often very tough and every day doesn't always include all of these amazing moments, the rewards and the things I love about it far outweigh the negatives. These 27 reasons plus some more not mentioned are what keep me dedicated and excited about my stay-at-home mom profession.

Editor's note: This article was originally published on Live Like You are Rich. It has been modified and republished here with permission.

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