Remember the good ol' days when real books were a thing? Well, Gary Larson sold MILLIONS of them full of these hilarious comics. He called his series "The Far Side."

What follows is a nostalgic journey for you as well as a great comic starter pack for your kids, who have yet to experience Larson's fantastic wit.

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1. Natural selection

2. Don't look behind you

3. The birth of science

4. We've all done this

5. It makes sense

6. Little did they know

7. Ambitious spiders

8. Pranksters

9. Some kids never grow up

10. I knew it

11. The obligatory "bad guy" music

12. For the hipsters

13. The secret life of cows

14. The moment they'd all been waiting for

15. Well, that's awkward

16. An unfortunate cultural misunderstanding

17. Me next! Me next!

18. He doesn't make typos

19. A flight they'll never forget

20. When husbands go missing

21. Bob wasn't afraid to make tough decisions

22. It was a good idea at the time

23. If you make it to the finals, they add a lion

24. If "The Count of Monte Cristo" were a short story

25. Trying out the new cookbook

26. Bad luck

27. When the scientists come around

28. They're getting smarter

29. Leroy hasn't slept in weeks

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