I used to have a nightly habit of watching the news, until I got too uncomfortable having my children in the same room as the newscast. The stories about terrible crimes and war were difficult to watch. Now I read most of my news online, but the world isn't any less troubled. It's hard to have hope for your children when the future seems uncertain; it may be difficult to decide to bring new children into the world. Don't give up just yet. Think about these three reasons to keep having kids.

Children are the embodiment of love

When children are born, they are so precious. Each baby is straight from heaven. As children grow, adults get glimpses of their potential and see their innocence. Children want to learn and love. Most love to be held, come to parents and caregivers for affection and soothing, and easily say "I love you." The world needs more innocence, acceptance and love. Children have all of these characteristics.

There is more good than bad

I think often about mothers in parts of the world where politics and war make things unstable. I know there are families struggling for food, water, shelter and safety. My heart aches for these families. However, there is more good than bad in the world, and children bring light and life wherever they are born. Like many people, I have faith in the world. I can find and share goodness. I see my children thriving and learning to help others. Look around you for the good, and you will also find hope and courage, often as you witness children.

Children are the future

I've heard anecdotal accounts of parents with lots of children receiving glares and even rude comments when they are in public with their brood. This kind of behavior makes me sad. If smart, responsible caring parents don't have and raise smart, responsible, caring children, who will take care of society (and all those people who don't have kids)? I, too, worry about my children growing up in a world where horrendous things happen, but I still think the children are the future. Remember that Whitney Houston song? She was right.

There are lots of great kids already living on Earth, and there is room for plenty more. If you're ready to have children, or thinking about adding to your family, have faith. Your children will be a light and add to the good of the world.

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