"How do you keep the faith when you hit bumps on the road?" When I was unexpectedly asked this question, I was unsure on how to respond since the faith I hold is hard to put into words. But I managed. Faith is trusting in someone - parents, grandparents, or in your God. And my parents raised me to have the faith in all of them. During the worst of times, my family and my prayers never failed me. Unfortunately, I have seen people close to me lose the faith they once had - and never believed in it, again.

Many kids outgrow their faith as they turn into teenagers and young adults. This happens often especially during times of struggle. They feel lost and have no idea who to turn to. In many instances, parents are under the impression once you teach your children at an early age about faith they will always have it. That is possible, but not always the case. It does not matter if your kids are teenagers or twenty-something. As parents, you should feel free to show and speak about faith to your children as often as possible. You want them to understand how important it is to have faith and to hold onto it as tight as possible no matter the situation.

Since children learn by examples, here are 3 ways to inspire your kids to keep the faith.


Pray to your God or the angels above. Trust in their power of love that whatever despair you are going through will subside. You can pray everywhere - at your church, at home, at work, at school, at the park or anywhere suitable for you. Even if it takes time before you feel a sense of healing, rest assured prayer will ease whatever distress you are experiencing.

Family and friends

If you do not believe in the power of prayer, then believe in the trust and love of those dear and close to your heart. Lean on parents, siblings or a best friend to lend you an ear and just listen. Sometimes they can give you a helping hand by sharing words of support, hope and wisdom.

Helping others

Oftentimes, feeding the hungry, helping your community find shelter for homeless families, volunteering at a children's hospital or at your church, can re-open or maintain open the doors of faith. At the time you and your kids are helping others, they may not realize that what they are doing is actually bringing faith upon those people. But when they see how their positive acts bring a smile and a feeling of appreciation upon the less fortunate, they will understand the meaning of faith.

Children need a sense of hope and a touch of encouragement from their loved ones, especially during troubled times. Therefore, show your kids, regardless if they are at their highest or at their lowest, you will always be by their side.

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