During times of intense turmoil, you ask your God to help you cope. In your mind, you imagine certain resolutions. But when the outcomes are different from what you have hoped for, you begin to doubt your God. You believe he has not heard or ignored your prayers. Now what? Do you give up on your faith and in your God, or do you patiently wait for a sign?

Oftentimes, God's signs are right in front of you. The problem is you overlook the signs because you are expecting a specific answer. Sadly, you don't always receive what you are looking for. Instead, your God gives you what he knows is best for you. In addition, he sends you signs on how to go about handling your problems through the words and actions of others.

At times, I'm guilty of saying my God is deaf. He hasn't answered my prayers or doesn't understand what I want. I become frustrated and feel like walking away. But not long after feeling those emotions, someone in my family or in my church tells me something of faith or something spiritual happens unexpectedly that draws me back to my belief in God. I've been fortunate to see his signs of patience, understanding and hope.

When you feel you have lost control of the problems life has handed you, do not give up on the faith once instilled in you. Instead, look for the signs God has put in your path.

Below are 3 ways God shows his presence.

1. Prayer

While you are alone, pray to your God. Tell him everything that is in your heart. Ask him to show you the way and give you the courage to move past the bumpy roads. Once you pray, carefully listen to and watch your surroundings. Pay close attention to what your children, close friends, family or spouse have to say. He will answer your prayer through them at the appropriate time.

2. Trust in people

As unfortunate as it is, we live in a world where not everyone is trustworthy. Not everyone has the best intentions. Nonetheless, there is a large population who cares for one another - family or not. For example, due to a job promotion, you move to a new city with no family or friends. You are afraid and unsure of the move. But one day a neighbor reaches out to you. Don't assume the worse. Slowly get to know the neighbor. And if that neighborly friendship builds, you know God put the person in your life as a sign that everything will be fine.

3. Your treatment toward others

You don't always have to wait for someone to ask you for help. If you see someone in need, extend a helping hand. Perhaps this person is going through something similar as you. And by assisting the person, you are also helping yourself. For example, if this person and you happen to suffer an illness of a child, a death of a family member, or job loss, you can find comfort together.

You may not see God's signs immediately, but the signs are there. Trust in your God that he will carry you through. All you need to do is let him enter your heart, and he'll handle the rest.

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