Most everyone has heard music, but only those who make music truly know the effort it takes to bring the music off the page and into your ears.

These are some pretty hilarious Instagram posts that only musicians will fully understand and a hilarious paragraph of jokes at the end if you need more laughs in your life:

1. Because you can't practice all day ..

2. Seems drastic, yet, effective

3. Stock up on staff tape for emergencies

4. Ba Dum, Tiss

5. For reals though ... so many strings

We laughed. Thanks @worldmusicaddict! #musichumor #musiclover #musicjokes

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6. If you don't get it, go look at a piano

Naturally. #accidentallymadeamusicpun #classic #classical #musicjokes

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7. Star Wars music humor anyone?

8. Popular play on words, new musical meaning

Happy Independence Day! #intervals #musicjokes #ifmystudentsdontgetthistheyneedareview

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9. Because it takes real skill to clap on the off beat

10. A little extreme, but ..

11. This needs to happen! Make it happen!

12. Without music, it'd be harder to decipher the good guys from the bad guys

Ahi viene un malo, modo menor xD #lol #musicjokes

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13. So many composer's name jokes ..

#music #jokes #musicjokes #classicfm #fun #laugh

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14. A boy band I can go for

15. As long as they stay in the right key

Haha #Jazz #funny #homer #simpsons #music #jokes #musicjokes

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16. It doesn't happen often, so play loud!

17. If you're not practicing, you should be

this is the key to life ?????????? #musichumor #musicjokes #classicalmusic #instrumentprobs #musicproblems #musicianprobs

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18. A guide for the audience

19. Basically

20. Just ... nope

21. Pound sign. Hashtag. Musicians know the real meaning of

Word. ?? ??

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22. Singing in the shower problems

23. Music puns are the best and worst

24. Makes you wonder

25. Don't mess with band members

26. Have you ever played a stringed instrument while nervous?

PREACH! #MusicJokes #BandJokes

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27. "The Staff Meeting"

The rests decide to call in sick today #musicjokes #staffmeeting

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28. It's more than a foreign language

By the way sorry I don't post that much. >°< I'm trying to keep up on it. [ #musicjokes ] [ #musictheory ] [ #rocketscience ]

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29. If Beethoven were a modern rock star

I find this far too funny "¦ is that bad? #beethoven #music #musicjokes #classics

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30. And then they think you didn't practice

Pretty much! #musichumor #musiceducation #musicjokes #musiccartoons #looneytunes

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31. Um ..

These are so funny I just can't Handel it! Don't go Haydn your talent. Practice daily or there will be violins and you don't want to fall flat at your concert. Even A minor mistake can be a major embarrassment. I better rest now or I'll be in so much treble. I have to get Bach to work; lots of business to conduct. I repeat, I must beat it.

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