It's not always easy being married.

According to a recent research report, 123.6 million people in the United States are married. Sure, the number of singles in the nation is overtaking the number of married couples, but there's still plenty of husbands and wives out there roaming throughout the country.

Married couples spend a lot of their time working through their relationships, attending different activities and just living life together as a whole.

But are there things that married couples should be doing but they aren't?

For women, happiness is the most important indicator of a happy marriage, according to Deseret News National. Experts say that when a woman is happy in her marriage, she's more likely to go out of the way to do something nice for her husband and bring him positivity.

And having a happy marriage is important for both husbands and wives. "For both spouses, being in a better-rated marriage was linked to greater life satisfaction and happiness," said Deborah Carr, professor at Rutgers University, in a statement.

Making each other happy in a marriage is no easy feat. There are things married couples are doing every day to make each other happy. But there may also be things they should be doing but aren't. Here are 33 things you and your loved one should be doing, but probably aren't.

  1. You should tell each other when you don't like something the other is doing. It may start an argument, but it will allow for more honesty.

  2. You should admit when you're in a bad mood.

  3. You should accept that they might not like your cooking. Everyone's tastebuds are different.

  4. Don't bring up the past. Accepting someone for who they are, and who they were, can only help push the marriage forward.

  5. You should admit when you're jealous. It may help clear up some issues.

  6. You should be telling them every day that you love them.

  7. You should talk through previous relationships and make sure you're on the same page.

  1. You should follow their helpful hints and tips to take care of simple things around the house, like putting down the toilet seat or cleaning the hair out of the drain.

  2. You should always remember every anniversary and every birthday, even for their distant family members.

  3. You should surprise them with something - whether it's a picnic, or even a nice outing to the city.

  4. You should be admiring them every day for who and what they are. You never know when life could end.

  5. You should push them to see a doctor or medical professional.

  6. You should let them fight the battles they want to fight.

  7. You should try to avoid getting them angry on purpose.

  8. You should always appreciate having kids.

  9. You should text or call them when you're out of town, just so they know you're thinking about them.

  10. You should avoid correcting their grammar at all costs. Because who wants that?

  11. You should carefully select which emojis you're going to send their way and that a combo of them actually makes sense.

  12. You should try new things together every week, like going to a poetry slam or taking a ride to parts unknown.

  13. You should communicate openly about each other's parents, just so you're on the same page.

  14. You should always be talking about your favorite foods, colors and hobbies, since that's one of the most common questions people get about their loved ones.

  15. You should talk through an argument rather than act passive aggressive and let the negativity of an argument stew between you.

  16. You should visit your spouse at work at least once a week, just to show them you're thinking about them during the day.

  17. You should admit when you want to change something about your life.

  18. You should read the news together and talk about what's going on.

  19. You should pick a new activity or sport to do together to try something new.

  20. You should avoid playing mind-games. It's only going to cause confusion.

  1. You should admit that maybe they heard something wrong rather than battle over what was actually said.

  2. You should respect your spouse's decisions, even if you're not happy with them.

  3. You should let your spouse have some alone time, since we're all in need of a little alone time.

  4. You should find out how your spouse's day really went.

  5. You should always feel free to tell your spouse the show you're watching isn't really something you're into.

  6. You should share this story with your spouse!

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