Responsibility is a great quality to have - and it's a quality that's best taught by parents. That way, you can raise organized and disciplined children from a young age and see them grow up to be responsible adults. But how's a parent supposed to teach such a crucial skill to their little ones? Don't worry - all you need to do is to follow these tips:

1. Educate by example

The first step to raising responsible children is to be responsible yourself. If your children see that there is no discipline or set rules at home, it will be very difficult for them to behave when you tell them to do so.

If mom and dad are organized, their little ones are likely to imitate that behavior. Reinforce their good behaviors and let your child see that even mom and dad follow through with their responsibilities. This powerful example is something your kids will look back on for years to come.

2. Assign responsibilities

It's important that each member of your family has work to do. You can create a list things that each child in your family needs to complete each day, each week and each month to help teach this lesson.

When they are small, they can start by helping to remove the dishes from the table after dinner. Later down the road, you can give them more responsibilities, like feeding the cat or walking the dog. By providing little jobs like this, your children learn how to keep good habits.

3. Explain the advantages of responsibility

Children need to understand the value of being responsible. It's good that they know that responsibility not only brings more respect from others, but will also make their life easy and more organized. Your kids will know exactly where their toys are if they are responsible and put them away when they're done playing with them.

4. Set rules in the family

To help everyone understand the family rule of being responsible, make sure everyone knows the family rules. Let your children know there are rules that even mom and dad follow, like putting dirty clothes in the bin or hanging up clothes and scarves in the closet, not leaving them in a pile by the front door. Enforce these habits in your home and see your children maintain responsibility their whole lives long.

Children develop habits early on in life, so at a very young age to teach them about keeping their responsibilities. Nurture these qualities in a loving and nurturing way (never through anger or scolding). Help motivate your children through positive phrases like "I knew you could do it" or "you're such a big boy when you put your toys away properly!".

Did we miss anything? How to you teach your children responsibility?

_This article has been adapted and translated from the original "4 consejos FÁCILES e INFALIBLES para que tus hijos sean ORDENADOS" which was originally published on

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