Ever performed the awkward dance of trying to unfold your stroller or storing your stroller safely in a public place, all while trying to keep it from tipping over? Yeah... strollers are tricky sometimes.

Avoid the stroller stress and struggle with these helpful tips developed by parents who have been there and done that.

Homemade instructions

Your stroller may feel like an extension of your hand due to the sheer amount of time you spend pushing it, but to a stranger's hand (or to a daddy's hand) it may feel like a product designed on another planet. Avoid the awkward dance of setting up a stroller by making homemade labels with stickers lying around the house. If there are multiple steps to releasing or unfolding the stroller, label them with numbers and directions to push or pull.

Homemade cup/bottle holders

Spilt milk pooling at the bottom of your stroller pouch are a real inconvenience; avoid this annoyance by creating a cheap and effective bottle holder. Find an old plastic shoe holder lying around your home or purchase a cheap one online. Next, cut the large holder into manageable rows. You can cut out just one for just a single sippy cup, or more to hold several cups. Next, purchase cheap Velcro to attach to the tops of the plastic holders to the pouch of your stroller. Finally, attach the Velcro to your stroller's pouch. Congratulations; you are now ready to carry milk and juice around the town, void of spills.

Ankle weights are a necessity

Strollers are great because you can push your baby and their diaper bag around for hours, free of back strain. But have you ever noticed once you take your baby out of the stroller, it falls head because of the heavy diaper bag in back? Purchase two ankle weights for a quick and easy weight distribution fix. Attach them to the two front poles of the stroller and you'll never have to worry about your stroller tipping again.

Avoid clutter with door hooks

In a house filled with little kids, clutter is inevitable and overwhelming. To save little and big toes from being stubbed on the large stroller, purchase a metal door hook with two prongs. Hang your stroller over the heads of your little children out of the reach of any toes for a quick clutter fix.

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