Life is not easy. It comes with varying sets of challenges for individuals. These challenges and trials are meant to help us become whom God intends us to be. Given this knowledge, God does not want us to fail. He has given us many resources to help us navigate the hardships of life.

1. We have many sources that help us prepare for life's challenges

For one, we are born into families - ideally, with two loving parents - who guide and direct us during our formidable years. We have teachers, good friends and family members that love us and want to help us succeed. God has also given us scriptures, church leaders and the ever-open line of communication - prayer - to help us form our spiritual strength. Just as we need to study and prepare for tests at school, God expects us to do spiritual preparation to help us get through our tests in life.

2. Adequate spiritual preparation will guide us through our trials and help us endure. "

Many of the challenges we face in life can be solved and overcome. However, others may be difficult to understand and impossible to overcome... As we temporarily endure the challenges we can solve, and as we continue to endure the challenges we cannot solve, it is important to remember that the spiritual strength we develop will help us successfully endure all the challenges we face in life," said religious leader Richard Maynes. Thus, it is imperative that we work to develop solid spiritual strength so that we may be prepared for challenges we will face.

3. Challenges not only strengthen us, but also help us learn and understand our agency

"[God] has organized our journey through life to be a test of our character. We are exposed to both good and evil influences, and then given the moral agency to choose for ourselves which path we will take," explains Maynes. We were sent to earth to prove ourselves, to see if we would make correct choices when we were given many options. If we prepare adequately, our foundation of spiritual strength will help us stay on the right path.

4. When we have spiritual strength, it is often easier to endure our trials

Regardless of the size of our trial, when we have God to rely on, he sustains us and makes it possible for us to have enough strength to overcome hard times. We may have financial, spiritual, emotional, physical or other problems that are temporary. Or, perhaps we have trials that will last until we die. God will either give us the strength to triumph or sustain us as we endure through our hardship. When we have our solid foundation, we will be able to get through whatever struggle we will face.

God has not left us here alone in our trials. He has not only sent us families, teachers, leaders and scriptures to help us, but he has promised that he will help us overcome our struggles. He will help us endure and be strong in the face of difficulty. We must work to develop the spiritual strength necessary to be prepared when hard trials come upon us.

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