A mother daughter relationship is special and the bond will only grow stronger as time goes by. Mothers should not only be a mom to a daughter, but also a daughter's confidante. At times, teenage girls are afraid to open up to their mothers for fear of being misunderstood. I shared that mentality for a significant amount of time until realizing there was nothing to be afraid of.

I was always close to my mom as a little girl, but as soon as I turned into a teenager and young adult, I assumed I could handle every issue on my own. Instead of being open, I kept to myself leading her to believe everything in my life was smooth. However, as things became a tad complex, I recognized there were only two people I could trust - one of them being my mother. The moment I turned to my mom for advice, not only as a mother but as a friend, I never doubted we always had a bond. It was just waiting to blossom.

When a daughter leaves her mother's home, it does not mean the bond built while living together is over. The bond has potential of growing stronger even though the two are living apart. It's a matter of working diligently toward it.

If you want to build and maintain a wonderful mother daughter bond, here are four suggestions on how to do so:

Mother daughter time

. I know how important my relationship with my mother is. I can have a thousand things to do, but I make sure I am there to see her on the weekends. It's a matter of spending quality time doing fun things such as eating out, shopping, watching a movie, walking in the park or cooking a meal together while reminiscing and catching up on things.


. In a mother daughter relationship, there is no space for lies or hidden agendas. The lines of communication should stay open. Do not fear to speak the truth. If you feel your daughter is too young to understand a specific topic, try explaining the situation with discretion, but maintaining the truth. Honesty also applies to the daughter. Refrain from lying to your mother. Moms are in our lives for so many reasons including protecting us and helping us during the good and bad. Sugar-coating or lying, regardless of the subject at hand, is never a good idea.

Support and encourage

. I remember wanting to take part in different activities all the time and creating ideas that probably drove my mom up the wall. But, not once did she discourage me from pursuing my ideas or participating in the activities. To this day she continues to support me, a married woman, in everything I do, even if we share a difference of opinion. I, too, return the support and encouragement when she needs it.


Always listen to your daughter when she comes to you for advice or just to talk. Never turn her away because you are feeling exhausted or overwhelmed. Your daughter needs a friend, and if she is looking for a friend in you, that's a good start to a positive relationship.

The bond between a mother and daughter should never be ignored or put aside. Building strong bonds is healthy and refreshing. In life, when you feel you cannot trust or depend on anyone in your world, always remember your mother, or your daughter, is one person you can always turn to without a single hesitation.

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