The grandeur of God may make him seem inaccessible. He is perfect and all-knowing and his divinity is beyond our current understanding, but a relationship with him is attainable.

We deserve to feel known, loved and guided by our creator, but how do we start such a meaningful relationship?

Studying the scriptures is one of the most effective ways to get to know him, but they can seem overwhelming. The language can be hard to understand and the stories don't always appear to be relatable. While we've all experienced these kinds of defeat, a little bit of persistence goes a long way. The more time we invest in the scriptures, the sweeter the words will become.

When we study Bible verses, we are blessed beyond measure. Here are some of the blessings that will bring you closer to God:

1. We'll feel his love

When we spend time in the scriptures and learn of all the things God has given us, we will begin to feel his love more easily. We'll be more likely to pray to him and that opens another very personal door to feeling his love.

The stories of God's other children will resonate with us. We'll learn how some have gladly given their lives because they loved God. We might question if we'd have that same devotion, but our hearts will still understand the sentiment.

2. We'll learn to love him

We love those we know. When we read time and time again of God answering prayers, showing mercy, and empowering people to part seas and survive floods, we grow to know him. He becomes more familiar to us. We are more able to see him as a loving father. And isn't it hard not to love someone who loves us so completely?

3. We'll grow to be like him

Many of us will turn into our parents in one way or another, because how they do things and treat people are what we know. Once we grow closer to God, it will be easier to be like him and do the things he would have us do. Some things will always need to be done out of obedience, but we will do them because we love God.

4. We'll feel peace

We can find great peace when reading the scriptures, even though the reasons for our peace aren't always clear. Perhaps it is because we're studying holy words, or learning about righteous people or because we're doing something we know the Lord would have us do. The reasons don't necessarily matter so much as the sense of relief that peace can give us, even for a short time.

As with all things concerning the Lord, the blessings of studying the word of God are innumerable and specific to you. They will all bring you closer to him.

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