The weather is finally warm enough to go outside and get wet. June 24 is National Swim a Lap Day. This is the day to get yourself outside, swim a few laps in the pool and work on your fitness. However, this is also the perfect day to get your children in the water. Even if they are too young to swim a few laps in the pool, they can still celebrate this holiday. Below are a few ideas for how your little ones can celebrate National Swim a Lap Day.

Have a pool party

Let your children put on their swimsuits, invite their friends and have fun in the pool. Blow up water balloons or buy squirt guns and let them enjoy the warm weather and water. You can have the pool party in your backyard or go to a local pool. Bring snacks and music and let them have a fun time. Just don't forget the sunscreen!

Sign up for swim lessons

If your children are old enough, sign them up for swim lessons. Swim lessons are critical if you want to teach your children proper swim techniques. Children of all ages can take these lessons to help them perfect their skills. These lessons also help children feel more comfortable while in the water. Swimming, especially in deeper waters, can be frightening for children. But, if they are comfortable and have the proper training, it can be a fun and worthwhile experience. National Swim a Lap Day is the perfect day to help get your children prepared.

Teach basic strokes

In addition to signing your children up to swim lessons, take them to a pool and go over basic swim strokes. Help familiarize your children with the different skills they need to help keep them a float while in the water. The five basic swim strokes include the freestyle, breast, back, butterfly and side. As you do this, be excited about your children learning to swim. If you are excited, they will be also and they will be anxious to return to the water.

Teach poolside safety

Swimming pools are a lot of fun, but they can also be very dangerous. Teach your children poolside safety. Go over basic rules such as no running or diving in the shallow end. It is also a smart idea to set your own personal rules such as your children are not allowed in the deep end of the swimming pool unless accompanied by an adult or they cannot enter the pool without a life vest or another type of floatation device.

It's important to take the time to teach your children how to float. If they accidentally fall into the pool, they need to know what to do before someone is able to rescue them. Sometimes floatation devices are not enough and so it is critical that you take the time to teach them this vital, life-saving skill. Get them comfortable in the water and prepare them for any event that may occur.

Even though your children may not be old enough to swim several laps, they can still celebrate this wet holiday. The above suggestions are just a few ideas to help you and your children enjoy National Swim a Lap Day.

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